Building Inclusive Churches, Schools and Workplaces
by promoting safety, civility and respect

Beyond SchismsI am dedicated to fostering mutual respect and bringing people together. Not for a “kumbaya” moment, but to genuinely appeal to our better nature. It is not about pointing fingers, shaming or blaming – but about informing, educating, challenging, and affirming.

“Culture” is “a set of behaviors and values that are learned and shared by a community.”

Many think culture is only race or ethnicity, but religion, sexual orientation, gender and political affiliation are also cultures.

I specialize in helping people identify their own cultural values and expression, then expanding that to an understanding of shared or differing cultures in their work, educational or religious environments. We are all susceptible to assumptions, stereotypes and biases. Too often, these lead to conflict, disrespect and misunderstanding. The key is to provide education, skills and strategies, to bring about positive changes – individually and collectively.

I Can Help

I offer interactive, results-oriented coaching, consulting, speaking and workshops
that are uniquely designed for you.

Your organization, your goals and your targeted outcomes!

Coaching & Consulting

Designed for:

  • Managers
  • Ministers
  • Teachers & Administrators

Speaking, Training & Workshops

Designed for:

  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • K-12 Schools & Universities

Workshops Topics:

Workshops include: Interactive presentation, small group activities, simulations, discussion, role-play, visuals, hand-outs, self-assessments.

Half-day, Full-day and 2-3 day options.

Speaking Topics:

  • Homosexuality and the Church: Creating Dialogue
  • Politics in the Workplace
  • Building Bridges Between Christians & Gays
  • Building Inclusive Churches
  • Gender Expression and Stereotypes
  • Religion and Education
  • Us vs Them: Identifying & Addressing

Don’t see the topic you need? 

Name the issue and I will let you know what I can do.  We can adjust and adapt the content and delivery together!

Ready to work with me?

I am absolutely passionate about helping people build bridges across cultural differences. I have been conducting diversity and cross-cultural workshops and classes for more than 15 years.

We can learn to dialogue and work across perceived and real cultural differences, while still maintaining and respecting our own.  Striking that balance does not often come naturally, but it can be taught – and my participants agree!

Dr. Kim O’Reilly
Conflict Resolution Consultant, Cross-Cultural Trainer, Author

  • Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum & Instruction, Cultural Studies)
  • Teacher Education and Human Development Professor
  • 15+ years of Experience and Passion!

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Contact me for a free consultation, so we can discuss your challenges.

If I can help, we’ll schedule an initial intake session to assess problems, solutions, strategies, content, time-frame, and fees.

Coaching, Consulting, Speaking and Workshops, adapted to your needs.

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