Dr. Kim O’Reilly Talks Homosexuality in We Love You,But You’re Going to Hell: Christians and Homosexuality Agree, Disagree, Take a Look.

Dr. Kim O’Reilly shares her journey and crafts a thoughtfully written book on the growing division of beliefs between religion and sexuality. Based on the Scriptures, she addresses homosexuality by building bridges between these beliefs, providing new information and advocating compassion

DENVER & CHICAGO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 19, 2018 – “How do God-fearing, sincere, Bible-believing Christians shore up their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with gays and lesbians?” Dr. Kim O’Reilly muses this question in her new book on the growing separation between individuals and groups about having a disparity in their beliefs regarding homosexuality.

In We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell, Dr. Kim O’Reilly opens a dialogue about homosexuality that handles the differences in one’s opinions and beliefs in a safe and respectful manner. A sensitive topic, homosexuals often receive condemnation from many conservative Christians. Frequently in the church, homosexuals are given the options of “ceasing to be gay, ‘choosing’ to be heterosexual, remaining celibate, or ‘going to hell.’”

“How do we get beyond the disagreements, divisiveness, posturing, entrenchment, and polarization we see playing out in our society today?” Dr. O’Reilly asks. She continues, “I suggest that no matter which side you are on, there is benefit to educating yourself on the beliefs and experiences of those with whom you disagree.”

The author tackles the essential aspects of this discussion in various chapters of her book, carefully examining the Seven Scriptures often used as a basis to condemn homosexuality as a sin. The book also covers sexual orientation; how there is no evidence indicating that sexual orientation and attraction can be changed. It challenges the myths and stereotypes emerging from the interpretation, and misinterpretation, of the Scriptures. The book then focuses on how these stereotypes are perpetuated by ministers and churches.

Dr. Kim O’Reilly handles the topic in a respectful manner as it is close to her heart. She is an expert in the field of intercultural and cross-cultural understanding and communication. A founder and principal of Intercultural Solutions, she addresses cultural differences in the workplace through this training and consulting firm for educators, businesses, and community leaders.

Additionally, she is a professor of Cultural Studies and Teacher Education for 17 years, earning her a collection of accolades in Teaching Nomination and the Senior Scholar Faculty Mentor Award. All these accomplishments, background, and passion push her to bring people together and bridge differences in racial, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender matters.

Above all, she speaks from her own experience in this book as a Christian, a minister’s daughter, a university professor, and a lesbian. Growing up in a conservative Christian family, she went through a journey of wanting to understand why people believe what they believed. As she has a loving and close relationship with God, she found peace in coming out to herself, and eventually to her family. Through this journey, she aims to address the dichotomy of a double-edged sword that is love and condemnation in her book.

We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell is a respectfully written book that opens a discussion on determining the problems, solutions and damaging effects of Christians demanding a change of orientation, which results in self-loathing and even suicide from conversion therapies and discrimination. Most importantly, it offers hope through empathy and compassion that leads to healing with the use of strategies, resources and biblical references.

We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell by Dr. Kim O’Reilly is published by Elm Hill, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The book is available in ebook, paperback and hardbound formats.


“So many Christian gays and lesbians have been damaged by that well-meaning love: they are expected to change their orientation, leave loving relationships, remain celibate and single, never to marry. It all starts with biblical interpretation.”

– Dr. Kim O’Reilly


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