Curriculum Vitae

Kim O’Reilly, Ph.D.

Cross-Cultural Consultant and Trainer

Cultural Awareness  ♦  Conflict Resolution  ♦  Diversity and Inclusion

♦  Learning specialist skilled in promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and multicultural understanding. Experienced in developing and delivering programs to train across cultures and differences.

♦  Expert in equity and empowerment policy frameworks, including training, mediation, coaching, and mentoring. Passionate advocate for diverse populations, with demonstrated commitment to social justice, developing empathy, and examining the development of “Us versus Them” attitudes.

♦  Advanced degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Culture, and Multicultural Education.



Trainer:  Curriculum Development, Workshop Facilitation, Coaching

  • Designed and delivered intercultural and diversity education programs for adult learners using technology to employ interactive, workshop-style training including discussion, small-group, role-play, debates, and media. Topics included religious tolerance, anti-bullying, anti-racism, cross-cultural competency, immigration, culture & identity, and LGBT advocacy.
  • Trained and mentored pre-service and in-service teachers in instructional design, creating curriculum materials, and developing motivational and engagement skills; evaluated and provided constructive feedback on work product and performance.

Change Agent:  Public Speaking, Cross-cultural Competence, Advocacy and Policy Shaping

  • Presented scholarly work on cross-cultural topics at national, international, and local conferences.
  • Achieved measurable changes in participant mindset: 86% reported making changes in thinking, opinions, attitudes, and/or practices after completing workshop-style classes.
  • Partnered with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada to promote legislation for protections in hiring, workplace, and education.

Conflict Resolution Strategist:  Mediation, Anti-bullying

  • Facilitated discussions and smoothed schisms using listening and mediation skills. Valued for ability to remain neutral while guiding parties to identify options, desired outcomes, and process.
  • Created practical anti-bullying programs and strategies to identify root causes, understand and change bullying behaviors, in educational and workplace settings.

Signature Workshops and Programs


Identifying and Addressing Unconscious Bias  ♦  Maintaining Inclusive and Safe Work Environments

Individual Cultures & Identity  ♦  Cultural Competence Skills  ♦  Anti-Bullying and Religious Tolerance

PC vs Free Speech?Mutually Exclusive?  ♦  Promoting Empathy and Mutual Respect in the Workplace

Dialoguing Across Differences in Opinion, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation


Professional Experience

Principal Consultant 2017–Present

Offering consulting, workshops, training, and resources to build practices and procedures that:

  • enhance diversity and address cultural issues – race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and bullying – in the workplace and educational settings;
  • create a positive environment that honors and respects all cultures;
  • include tools and strategies for monitoring and measuring effectiveness of diversity, equity and inclusion programs, policies and procedures.

Teacher Education and Cultural Studies Professor  2000–2017

  • Prepared aspiring teachers and service professionals with knowledge and strategies to address cultural differences in the workplace, including the history and cultures of races and ethnicities, cross-cultural skills, and empathy building.
  • Delivered best practices in teaching, modern curriculum design, and instructional strategies.
  • Monitored and developed new curriculum and departmental requirements. Wrote new department policy handbook.


Education and Training


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Culture, and Social Studies Education – University of Iowa

M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education – University of Wisconsin, Madison

B.A., Secondary Education, Major in History, Minor in Political Science – University of Iowa

Intercultural Communication  ♦  Latin American Culture, Spanish Summer Institute

Multicultural Women’s History  ♦  Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse Prevention

Working Against Racism  ♦  Culturally–Competent Organizing and Social Change

Conflict Resolution Training


Awards, Endowments and International Field Experience


Excellence in Teaching Nomination – University of Nevada, Reno

Senior Scholar Faculty Mentor Award – University of Nevada, Reno

U.S. Education delegation to Germany – Goethe Institut, University of Hamburg

Northern Ireland Peace and Conflict Delegation – University of Coleraine

Yale Summer Institute–Teaching about the New China  ♦  Yale Educators Tour to China

Mexico Archaeological Study Tour   ♦  Land of the Navajo, academic field experience – University of New Mexico


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