March 4, 2019

It was a privilege to be hosted for a book signing event at the LoDo (lower downtown) Tattered Cover Bookstore.  I love this historic downtown Denver bookstore!  Wonderful ambience, great outreach throughout the Denver area.

The question that stood out for me at this event: “How do you handle conservative Christian audiences versus LGBT?”

My response:  both with respect and understanding.

Most all of us wear different hats for different occasions.  I especially do when addressing audiences about my book.  I come prepared to answer any question, giving each participant the benefit of the doubt, even if disagreement is evident.  My book encourages dialogue across differences.  I give suggestions as to how we can talk about homosexuality when there are differences in opinion.  I, as an author and presenter, attempt to model that – practicing what I preach!

How do we have conversations when we disagree – without judging or calling into question someone’s faith or salvation?

Find out in my new book, We Love you, But you’re Going to Hell


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