Kim O’Reilly read excerpts from her book, We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell at the Gulfport ReadOut.

February 16, 2019

It was an honor to present at the Gulfport Public Library with several other authors at the Gulfport ReadOut event.  The event was sponsored by the library’s LGBTQ Resource Center.  Great keynote speaker, Leslea Newman, who wrote the groundbreaking children’s book, Heather Has Two Mommies.

I enjoyed interacting with participants throughout the day. Before my book reading, another author asked an interesting question at my vendor table; “You aren’t condemning me with this book, are you?”

This was an event for lesbian authors with a lesbian audience.  Although there was a poster at my table about building bridges, it may not have been apparent to the woman that I sought to bring healing with my book.  I gently responded to her that, as a lesbian author, I was invited to present my book to a lesbian audience, along with other lesbian authors.  I wouldn’t write a book to condemn all of them and myself.  “Building bridges one step, one person at a time.”


Kim at the Gulfport ReadOut 2019, Feb 15-17, 2019, Gulfport Public Library in Gulfport, FL


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