DENVER, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A new book by Dr. Kim O’Reilly opens up dialogue about homosexuality to handle differences in opinions and beliefs safely and respectfully.

Kim O’Reilly
Mar 05, 2019, 08:33 ET

We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell – expressed sincerely by conservative Christians, experienced painfully by gays and lesbians. A title not meant to be provocative, but to reflect what so many gays and lesbians have heard from Christian families and friends. Some Christians believe it is loving to demand denial of homosexuality, ending relationships, changing to heterosexuality, or remaining celibate – in order for the soul to be saved. Others believe sexual orientation is God-given, cannot be changed, and it is unloving to demand it changed.

How do sincere, Bible-believing Christians balance their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with the gays and lesbians in their lives? O’Reilly offers strategies to develop understanding, compassion, and healing. She believes it is possible to honor the rights of each of these groups without denying the rights of the other. Religious freedom, gay marriage, Scriptures, sexual orientation and stereotypes are addressed in her book.

“It is easy to single-handedly dismiss an individual or church’s belief by writing them off as conservative or liberal. I ask my readers to consider viewpoints expressed by churches and ministers with whom they both agree and disagree. I encourage readers to familiarize themselves with the Scriptures used to condemn homosexuals. No matter where your beliefs lie, there is benefit to educating yourself on the beliefs and experiences of those with whom you disagree. If you believe homosexuality is a sin, that Scriptures condemn, and sexual orientation does not exist; read my book. Argue with it, confirm your beliefs, question, or change your mind. I invite your engagement.”

O’Reilly speaks from her own experiences as a Christian, an evangelical minister’s daughter, and a lesbian. “A deep love between my father and I – the paradox: he loved and respected me, but did not approve of ‘my homosexuality’ and feared I was going to Hell. Walking and talking through that is what brought me to write this book. Many gays and lesbians find themselves in a similar situation, but unfortunately, haven’t experienced that love or any degree of acceptance from their family.”

Christianity and homosexuality are topics handled respectfully and non-confrontationally by O’Reilly. She holds a Ph.D. in Education and Cultural Studies and is an expert in cross-cultural communication and understanding. As founder and principal of Intercultural Solutions, she addresses cultural differences in the workplace, schools and churches through training, consulting, and speaking engagements. She is dedicated to fostering mutual respect and bringing people together.

Title: We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell: Christians and Homosexuality Agree, Disagree, Take a Look
Author: Dr. Kim O’Reilly
Genre: Christian Life/Spiritual Growth / Christian Life/Social issues/ Christianity/History
ISBN: PB – 9781595557803, HB – 9781595558046, eBook- 9781595557919
Pages: 212
Publisher: Elm Hill, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc
Distributor: Ingram
Publication Date: January 8, 2019

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