Experiencing disagreement, conflict or misunderstanding around
Sexual Orientation, Gender, Religion or Politics?

We are often told not to talk religion and politics, with co-workers, friends and family. Add sexual orientation and gender to the list!

Yet, these “cultures” matter and are so much a part of who we are. We don’t leave our beliefs and expressions at the door when we go to work, school and church.

What happens when personal beliefs carry over into attitudes, spoken words and behaviors that negatively impact those around us – or are misunderstood and judged by others? How do we talk across differences and respect our own culture, while honoring others? Is it even possible?

Yes! I provide the knowledge, skills and strategies, to work safely and effectively across all cultures.



Conflict Resolution Consultant, Cross-Cultural Trainer
and Author

My areas of expertise are…


Diversity and Inclusion Training

Develop essential communication skills for cross-cultural dialogue… Learn More

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence

Gain awareness, knowledge, and skills to work effectively in diverse, multicultural environments… Learn More


Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution

Bullying in schools and the workplace is far too common… Learn More


Multicultural Education

In the workplace, in schools, in churches, and other institutions… Learn More

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“She can question without offending, and point out where agreement can lead to collaboration. Her sense of doing what is best for all, as well as her good humor, help us all work more cooperatively and positively.”

– Nancy Horvath

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